How to Keep Your Garage Warmer This Winter

How to Keep Your Garage Warmer This Winter

Winter is a cold time of the year in Utah, and most homes don’t have a garage that is especially warm. While you might not be interested in having the garage as warm as your living space, there are some advantages to protecting your garage from some of the winter chill—you can use it as a year-round workspace protected from the weather outdoors, have warmer cars to get into every morning, and protect equipment stored in the garage from getting damaged by the cold. Here are some of the best ways to keep more heat in this area when the weather outside is cold.

Add Weatherstripping

Air can seep through cracks, and the more air that leaks into the garage, the colder it will be inside. Adding weatherstripping between the garage door and the opening can help seal outside air from getting inside. Chances are your garage door originally had good weatherstripping protection, but it can crack and become brittle over time, and less effective as a result.

Add More Insulation

There are actually a couple different ways you can add insulation to your garage. The first is to add it to the walls, which is similar to the way you would add it to interior walls, and the second is to get it with your garage door. Today there are options to purchase insulated garage doors that will help prevent cold air from seeping inside, or talk to a garage door installation and repair company about things like foam board, reflective barriers, or fiberglass insulation.

Repair the Garage Door

A garage door that is in poor shape is another way that cold air can get inside. If your door isn’t closing completely, doesn’t hang correctly on the track, or has holes or other damage, now is the time to get it repaired. Some simple repairs might be possible on your own, but in many cases you’ll want to call a garage door repair company to ensure it gets done right.

Consider Other Heating Options

Once you create ideal conditions for maintaining heat inside the garage, you can also get a unit heater that will provide enough warmth to make your garage a usable space. This is generally only necessary if you plan to spend an extensive amount of time out there.

When you want to create a warmer garage space, the best place to start is with a garage door installation and repair company that can recommend options for your needs.