3 Ways to Improve Your Garage This Year

3 Ways to Improve Your Garage This Year

The garage is an often-overlooked part of your home, and it’s probably one of the most energy inefficient as well, but if you make a few necessary improvements to what might seem like a completely utilitarian space, you might find that you actually enjoy spending time in there. Here are three ways you can create the ideal garage space for whatever you need—vehicle storage, a workshop, or something else entirely.

Insulate Garage Walls

A poorly insulated garage will suck up all the hot air from outside during summer months and all the cold air during the winter months. That makes it a place that seems more like an extension of the outdoors than an extension of your home. The problems with bad insulation in the garage are twofold:

  • It makes the garage an unpleasantly hot or cold room, so you don’t want to spend time there or store items that might be sensitive to extreme temperatures
  • That hot and cold air sitting in the garage will eventually start to seep through the exterior walls of your home, which can increase your heating and cooling costs for the home

The good news is that adding insulation is often a simple process that often just involves rolling it in between joists or getting it blown in, and can enhance the siding, sheathing, and particle board that likely make up your current garage’s layer of protection.

Install Organizational Tools

Another great way to make the most of your garage is to get it more organized. That might mean purchasing a garage organizational unit, or building some simple shelves, but whatever you decide, organizing your garage can help you create more space for the things you want to keep in there, including your vehicles (no more scraping ice off the windows in winter!), bikes, tools, lawn tools, and more.

Replace Your Garage Door

The garage door is another thing that you might consider replacing or repairing if you want to improve the usefulness and functionality of the entire garage. Garage doors are one of the easiest improvements you can make, and often it’s a simple as calling a garage door repair and replacement contractor in the area. They can measure the size, help you choose the right materials, and come install it quickly. Your garage door company in Utah can also recommend the latest styles in garage doors so you get one that will also improve the exterior of your home. It’s better to hire a professional for this job rather than try to do it on your own, since the garage door is used every day and needs installation expertise.

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