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All the elements of a home need maintenance every now and then, and this includes one area that undergoes a lot of heavy usage: The garage door. The garage door helps protect you and your family from everything from elements to intruders, and keeping it in top shape is a priority.

At Price’s Guaranteed Doors, we offer comprehensive garage door service and are here to help with any maintenance concerns you may have. Here are a few basic tips on yearly or bi-yearly maintenance items you can emphasize to keep things in good working order.

Wiping and Lubricating

Several areas of the garage door need basic wiping or lubricating, including rollers, hinges, tracks and latches. Give all these a basic squirt with a solvent like WD-40, or some other citrus-based solvent. If you have an extension-spring opener, lubricate the pulleys on openers. If you have a torsion-spring opener, lubricate the bearings.

From here, wipe everything clean and then apply a light oil, such as a three-in-one lubricant, to all the same parts. If any hinges or rollers are stuck, you can try soaking them in kerosene or using a small brush to get kerosene into any cracks. Steel wool can help remove any rust, as well.


The garage door opener needs bits of maintenance, as well. If your opener is operated by a chain or drive screw, apply the same lubricating patterns outlined above to the full length.  

Weather Stripping

If you have any weather stripping along the sides of your door, check it for basic wear and tear. Weather stripping can jam up against the sides of the garage in some cases, but this is something you can adjust before it becomes a larger issue.

Seal or Paint

If your door is wood and/or doesn’t have bottom weather stripping, check seals and paint in these areas. These will often fade more quickly without stripping, so they may need touch-ups. If you notice these sorts of issues regularly, it might mean you need to have bottom weather stripping installed.

Want to learn more about garage maintenance, or any of our other garage door services? Speak to the experts at Price’s Guaranteed Doors today.

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