Beautiful Door Wreaths for Any Season

Beautiful Door Wreaths for Any Season

Wreaths are usually associated with wintertime holidays like Christmas and New Year’s but these decorative features can be enjoyed at any time of year. Front, side, and backdoors can all be dressed up to reflect different annual holidays or to correspond with the changing colors of the seasons. Because we offer some of the most stylish entry doors on the market, we think you will want to draw your neighbor’s attention to your brand new purchase from Prices Doors. Here are some decorating suggestions to get you started.

A Wreath for Spring and Summer

Warm months are full of flowers, light green leaves, and brand new gardens. The height of summer brings a bounty of garden produce, dark green leaves, and towering sunflowers. You can incorporate these seasonal features into a wreath that you create yourself. All you will need to get started are the following:

  • A wreath base – choose a lightweight base made of wicker, natural twig, or foam
  • A wreath hanger – These metal items can be purchased at craft stores selling DIY wreath materials
  • Good quality faux flowers and greenery
  • Lightweight artificial butterflies, birds, and small animals
  • A banner with your family’s name
  • Acrylic crystals or other shiny accessories
  • Ribbon to wrap the wreath
  • Craft glue or glue gun

Begin by wrapping the wreath in your choice of ribbon or leave it plain for a more rustic look. Experiment with different arrangements before affixing items to the wreath with glue. Let dry, then hang.

Wreaths for Fall and Winter

Autumn wreaths often feature orange and red leaves, but consider adding wheat sheaves, small cornucopias, artificial gourds, and similar harvest-related items. Winter is the perfect time to showcase wreaths made from natural greenery. You can purchase a plain pine wreath and then customize it to reflect your own tastes.

Decorate Your Doors

Your doors are an important part of your home, so do not feel shy about showing them off. Seasonal wreaths and other decorations are a great option to consider.