Benefits of Adding a Security Door to Your Home

Benefits of Adding a Security Door to Your Home

The front door of your home is the place where you welcome guests and visitors, but it can also be a place where you have things like weather, bugs, and not-so-friendly visitors trying to get inside. To protect your home interior from these invaders, and prevent criminals from accessing your home as easily, consider a security door.

Security Door Frames

The door frame is perhaps the most important part of your security door, and in many cases, these are made of steel, aluminum, or a similar metal alloy. These materials are strong so they provide adequate protection as a security feature, but they are also light enough that you won’t have to workout just to be able to open your front door. Generally these doors are about two or three inches wide, and most steel options come powder-coated to protect against rust and other signs of wear.

Mounting Your New Door

There are two ways to mount your security door: flush mounting and tube framing. Flush mounting is a more natural look, and seals up all the gaps around the opening, providing a seamless look. Tube frames must be installed on the door trim instead of on the inside of the door, and stick out about an inch or more from the door opening.

Seal the Door to Outsiders

Not only can security doors protect from potential intruders, they can also help you keep the creepy critters from sneaking inside, including spiders, mice, flies and mosquitos. A foam tape seal will provide the final layer of security necessary to keep these unwanted guests out of your home. When the foam begins to crack or peel, it’s a good idea to get it repaired or replaced so your door continues to keep your home sealed against bugs and pests.

Features to Consider

In addition to find the right color (you can often get these doors powder-coated in the factory so the color won’t peel off over time), look for things like:

• Mitered corners, which are solid steel and prevent water penetration
• A closer that is comfortable to use and secure
• Wind chains to keep the door from blowing open too hard in high winds
• Keys that match your main front door so you won’t need multiple keys

If you’re considering a security door, talk to a security door company in Utah today to find out more about which options would work best for you and to get it installed by professionals.