The Benefits of Vinyl Window Products

The Benefits of Vinyl Window Products

Most people think of an old record-player or car decals when they hear the word “vinyl,” but it’s actually a plastic that can have several more practical benefits in the home – namely windows. At Price’s Guaranteed Doors, we offer not only a full complement of entry doors and garage doors, but a wide selection of Win-Pro vinyl windows designed to serve and last your home for years and even decades. Our lifetime guarantee is the best in the business.

Vinyl products now make up more than half of the market for residential windows. What makes vinyl so beneficial for many people? Let’s find out.

Limited Maintenance

Vinyl window products generally require much less maintenance than many others. They don’t need to be sanded or painted for any reason, two of the most common areas that can lead to cracks or other issues.

Vinyl products are also very easy to clean. They require only soap and water, and vinyl material is naturally resistant to certain kinds of stains and markings.

Energy Efficient

Vinyl is a much better thermal insulator than a product like wood or aluminum, making it the perfect product for your home – especially in these cold months. Our vinyl windows at Price’s Guaranteed Doors come with the insulated glass unit installed nearer to the center of the frame, rather than right at the front face of the window, which helps with both warmth concerns and pressure on the outside of the window.


Unlike many other plastics, vinyl can easily be melted down and remolded into other products without any loss of chemical properties. Vinyl production is over 99 percent efficient, per the American Architectural Manufacturing Association, and tons of vinyl products are recycled every year into new products.

Design Options

From a visual standpoint, vinyl windows offer several benefits as well. Vinyl can be molded into virtually any shape to fit your windows, or can be designed as a specialty window. Custom coloring is a breeze with vinyl. Put these together, and there’s no type of window design you could want that we can’t provide using our vinyl products.

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