Comparing Storm Doors and Screen Doors

Comparing Storm Doors and Screen Doors

Whether it’s a security door or a garage door, the point of many of our products at Price’s Guaranteed Doors is to offer you and your family protection – both from the elements and from unwanted intruders, among other things.

As far as the elements go, we provide a few additional products that can be very valuable to many home and business owners. One of these is a storm door – an additional, stable layer of protection against weather and other elements. Many people naturally mix up storm doors and screen doors, though, and these are not the same thing. Let’s look at the differences between the two.


While a screen door is a door with a frame surrounding a screen window, a storm door uses tough, double-pane glass or another strong material in the place of a screen. The frame keeps it secure – it may be made from steel, vinyl or aluminum in some cases, while screen doors are often made from wooden frames or even fiberglass.

In many kinds of storm doors, the glass is divided into panels with steel inserts placed in to provide additional strength. Screen doors tend to be less expensive than storm doors, but as we’ll see in our next two sections, there are good reasons for this.


Screen doors provide protection from many basic elements and pests, and will allow fresh air into the home when the front door behind it is closed. They help a ton in places where bugs are common, especially bees and mosquitoes, and they’re perfect for parents with children who play outside. However, for elements like rain, snow and wind, they’re less effective.

Storm doors, on the other hand, have many of the same benefits along with stronger protection against these elements. They don’t offer the ability for air to get in as easily, but they do still allow sunlight in. Meanwhile, they protect you – and your front door – completely from all heavier weather.


Storm doors are much better than screen doors for actual home security, though neither should be taken alone here. There are many storm doors with additional security on the frame available, and they can also be fitted with multiple locks. The combination of a well-made storm door plus a security door from Price’s Guaranteed Doors will keep your family safe and secure.

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