Current and Future Garage Door Technology

Current and Future Garage Door Technology

future garage door technology

Modern technology has led to some fairly amazing advancements in numerous areas, and the garage door is just one of these. Where a generation ago it was most common to see manual garage doors that required people to personally open and close them every time, we now have garage doors that not only open and close themselves, but also sense the presence of items below and can stop themselves from opening to increase our safety.

At Price’s Guaranteed Doors, we’re proud to bring all the latest technology to you when it comes to our commercial or residential garage doors. We also always have our ears to the ground in terms of the future developments in our industry – let’s look at the latest technology currently available for garage doors, plus what might be on the horizon for the near future.

Internet of Things

When we talk about the cutting edge of current garage door technology, one of the primary areas to consider is what’s called the Internet of Things. Abbreviated IoT, this refers to everyday objects that, due to our modern capabilities, are being built to connect to the internet. It contains tons of household items, including things like thermostats and many cooking devices.

And in recent years, IoT has been infused into the garage door world. There are several opener styles out there that allow you to connect your door to your smartphone and control it from anywhere, monitoring when it opens and closes. You can set schedules for opening and closing, and can even connect it to your thermostat. Other options even allow you to add Bluetooth speakers or other add-on devices, coordinating all of them for a high-tech garage.

The above technologies are all available now – let’s look at a few that might be on the verge of entering the market in the next few years too.

Solar Garage Doors

Many in the industry consider it only a matter of time before solar panels on garage doors are extremely common. These panels are already used by many home and business owners on their roofs or other areas of their property, and the only thing currently preventing them from being more common on garage doors is price and mechanics. Within a decade or likely sooner, a more economical way to do this will be discovered and garages will contain solar panels to help generate green energy.

Interactive Glass Doors

Another technology, though one that might be a bit further off, is one called interactive glass. Essentially, this material would work similarly to a computer screen, allowing users to change its appearance instantly by just clicking a button. There is still work to be done here when it comes to making these products safe and reliable, however, plus affordable enough to enter the market.

For more on the latest and future of garage door technology, or to get information on any of our garage doors or entry doors, speak to the staff at Price’s Guaranteed Doors today.