Door and Other Tips for Holiday Home Security

Door and Other Tips for Holiday Home Security

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While it’s a reality no one is thrilled about, the fact is that burglaries, thefts and related crimes tend to go up during the winter, and especially around the holiday season we’re currently in. Whether due to the need of many being felt a bit more heavily during this time of the year or some other factor, those who are doing holiday shopping and gift-giving need to take extra care to protect their belongings.

At Price’s Guaranteed Doors, we offer a wide range of garage doors, entry doors and other options to improve your home’s security, in addition to our specific security doors we offer year-round. Whether you’ve purchased one of our security doors or are just looking for a few tips to make your door and other home areas a bit more secure this season, here are some general tactics to consider.

Locked and Covered

For starters, what good is a strong entry or security door if you don’t lock it? Not much good, and to really drive things home, understand that professional thieves are looking for this sort of thing. They scout homes and neighborhoods where it’s clear residents are not locking up properly, then wait for them to leave to break in easily.

In addition, be sure to lock other areas like windows where applicable. We also highly recommend keeping your curtains closed so potential thieves can’t see in any scope out your valuables.

Light Considerations

For those concerned about nighttime burglary risks, a great option is to install motion-activated lights around doorways and other darker areas where thieves might go. Being exposed by such light is often a major deterrent for would-be thieves or other invaders.


Professional thieves look for what’s referred to as “advertising” from homeowners – that is, anything that gives away the valuables that might be inside. We already touched on drawing curtains and blinds, stopping such individuals from being able to see in and look at your Christmas tree, your valuables or anything else for that matter.

In addition, be careful of what you throw in the trash this season. Thieves will go through trashes and recycling bins to look for high-value items that they know are inside the house, so do your best to limit the items you place there and utilize public dumpsters if necessary.

Limit Hiding Spots

Finally, both through lighting we mentioned above and through landscaping and other planning, don’t give potential thieves a place to hide. Trim your trees or shrubs to make doors and windows highly visible, plus don’t use holiday decorations that make it easy to sneak around on your property.

For more on how to utilize both door security products and some general tactics to keep your home secure this holiday season, or to learn about any of our entry doors, garage doors or security doors, speak to the staff at Price’s Guaranteed Doors today.