As one of the most used doors in your home, the garage door needs a durable and reliable opener. You need to invest in the right product to make sure the door will always function as expected. Garage door openers with higher-rated power are common today, but they are too noisy. Add to that the increased safety risks associated with using or operating these openers.

Price’s Guaranteed Doors offers solutions that combine functionality and safety. We supply and install high quality garage door openers in Salt Lake City, Ogden, and many other Utah, Idaho, and Nevada locations. It’s important to install a quiet opener so you won’t disturb your neighbors or wake the kids. Our products feature powerful DC motors, digitally controlled power systems, and semi-enclosed rail systems for quiet and safe operation


The Safe and Reliable Solution

At Price’s Guaranteed Doors, we combine quality German engineering with excellent craftsmanship to produce door openers that are safe and reliable. Our systems use superior Direct Current technology to create the appropriate power to move the panels easily and quietly. The Digital Intelligence system carefully controls the power and looks for obstructions while quickly cycling the door. This adds a higher level of safety to the required photo eye sensors. The DC motor technology allows you to reduce the speed at the end of a quick cycle, making it a better and safer choice than common AC motorized units.

Great Options for Your Convenience

We offer great options to help you make the right decision. Our systems are available in different models to suit your needs and your garage door specifications. We’re here to guide you through the process and provide the installation and repair service you need.

Contact us to learn more about the garage door openers we offer. Our team will provide detailed information on our products and services.

Our Brands

At Price’s Guaranteed Doors, we only want to use the best brands for our door openers, here are some of the brands that we work with:




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