Garage Door Openers in Salt Lake City: Enjoy the Perks of Automation

Imagine coming home during a heavy downpour with bags of groceries in your trunk. With one hand holding an umbrella and another carrying a loaded grocery bag, you’ll have to take multiple trips from the car to your doorstep.

Now, imagine another scenario where you simply open and close your garage door without having to get out of the car. It won’t take five minutes to get your car in the garage and start unloading your groceries — without getting drenched, to boot.

The second scenario shows just how useful an automatic garage door and opener can be.

Reliable, Safe, and Convenient

Price’s Guaranteed Doors offers reliable garage door openers in Salt Lake City. We feature high-quality brands that provide Direct Current (DC) garage door openers built with German engineering. Choose any of our products; their quality and performance won’t disappoint you.

Our products leverage the advantage of the DC motor.

  • It has a speed control feature that varies the speed of the garage door as it opens and closes.
  • Thanks to speed variation, a DC motor is gentle on garage door components and slows down their wear and tear.
  • It uses less power.
  • It’s quieter than AC-powered garage door openers.
  • It’s equipped with an obstruction detector, which reverses the garage door if an object or person is standing in the way of the door’s descent.
  • It has a backup battery that can sustain up to 20 open and close cycles.

All-Around Services

Call us if you want to convert from a manual to an automatic garage door, upgrade to a DC garage door opener, or replace your old garage door opener with a better, brand-new model. We’ve been providing Utah’s garages with dependable garage door openers for over 30 years. You can trust in our recommendations and installation services.

Visit our showroom in Salt Lake City or contact us to request a quote. 

Our Brands

At Price’s Guaranteed Doors, we only want to use the best brands for our door openers, here are some of the brands that we work with:




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