Garage Door Services – Herriman

Garage door and entry door services are a common need for home and building owners in Herriman, Utah, and the prost at Price’s Guaranteed Doors are here to fill them. We’ve spent decades providing quality garage and entry door services to clients throughout Utah, providing our customers with peace-of-mind, protection and enhanced property values through strong curb appeal.

Has your garage door recently undergone damage that requires simple repairs? We’re on it. Are you concerned such damage is significant enough to warrant replacement of the entire door? We’ll evaluate the issue and help you make the right decision based on your budget. Call us today to learn more about our comprehensive garage and entry door services.

Garage Door Solutions

As we touched on above, we offer services in both primary garage door areas:

  • Garage door repairs: In many situations, damaged or worn-down garage doors just need the right professional attention to return to good-as-new operation. This might mean basic lubrication or alignment needs we’re happy to handle, or it could refer to repairing dents, cracks or related concerns impacting garage door aesthetics and performance. We’ll never recommend a costlier garage door replacement without first determining if repair is a viable approach.
  • Garage door replacement: In some cases, though, the prudent financial move for the property owner is to replace the damaged garage door. Damage might be so significant as to render repair impossible, or there are many situations where repairs will actually cost more. In these cases, we’ll assist you with sourcing the ideal replacement garage door material, plus comprehensive installation.

Entry and Security Doors

On top of our garage door services, we’re also experts in a variety of entry door types, including security doors, storm doors and many others. We’re happy to provide services on all such door products, including new materials from industry leaders like ODL and Masonite.

Experienced Professionals

Whether you’re calling on us for minor repairs or comprehensive garage door installation projects, you’ll be met by caring, experienced garage door professionals. We only employ the highest-quality pros on our team, including pre-employment screening and all the proper licensure and training.

In addition, we offer transparent and honest pricing that sets us apart from our competitors. We work to develop long-term relationships with our clients, connections that can’t be formed if the contractor is constantly up-selling and trying to extract money from the client. Rather, we focus on meeting your needs, knowing your satisfaction is the best way to keep your business moving forward.

For more on any of our garage door or entry door services, speak to the staff at Price’s Guaranteed Doors today.