Garage Door Services – Midvale

If you’re a Midvale, Utah resident on the hunt for high-quality garage door and entry door services, look no further. The team at Price’s Guaranteed Doors has been providing such services to Utahns for years, keeping you and your family safe and protected at all times while also helping maintain your home’s curb appeal and property value.

Are you concerned about minor cosmetic or functional damage that’s taken place to your door? We’ll handle it for you with honest, cost-effective pricing. Has your garage worn down to a point where replacement is your most efficient choice? We’re here to help you source materials and provide comprehensive installation services. We also provide quality entry door and other services, which you can call us to learn more about at your discretion.

Our Trusted Team

Whether you’re looking at a quick repair project or a multi-day installation, you’ll be greeted by our friendly, highly experienced professionals. All our garage door and entry door technicians are properly trained and licensed, plus outfitted with the prudent insurance coverage to protect both themselves and our clients.

We only offer honest, transparent pricing that requires your approval before we lift a finger to begin work on your home. We will never upsell you on useless materials – our success comes from our long-lasting relationships we’ve built with customers, and we didn’t achieve this by being dishonest.

Garage Door Services

We offer comprehensive garage door services, including each of the following areas:

  • Garage door repair: Whenever possible, our first priority is repairing any garage door damage in cost-efficient ways. While some garage door providers look for any excuse to replace the entire door, we know there are many situations where this costly process is not necessary, and we’ll help you identify them and save money where it’s both safe and realistic to do so.
  • Garage door replacement: In situations where your garage door cannot be safely or practically repaired, we’re here to help. Firstly, we’ll help you identify the issues that make replacement the best choice, ensuring there’s no avenue to realistic repair for a lower cost. From here, we’ll assist you with sourcing high-quality materials and every other area of garage door installation.

Entry Door Services

In addition to our garage door services, we also offer a variety of entry door, storm door and security door products and solutions. We’re a proud dealer of name brands like ODL, Masonite and Thermatru, helping you keep your home protected and secure at all times.

For more on any of our garage door or entry door services in Midvale, Utah and nearby areas, speak to the staff at Price’s Guaranteed Doors today.