Why Do Garage Doors Fall Off Tracks?

Why Do Garage Doors Fall Off Tracks?

In a basic working garage door situation, the door opens and closes on a set of basic metal tracks. These tracks keep the door’s wheels in place, allowing it to be slid up and down easily – in most cases, with a reasonable human pull.

There are a few rare situations, however, where garage doors can fall off their tracks. When this happens, call the pros at Price’s Guaranteed Doors right away. We can provide garage door repair and help you figure out why your door came off its tracks. Here are a few of the most common reasons why garage doors fall off the tracks.

Roller Wear and Tear

Over time, the stress placed on the working parts of your garage door will build up. Think about it – how often do you open and close the garage every day in your home? At least a few times on average, right?

Even the highest-quality rollers can deteriorate over time due to this basic stress. All-plastic rollers wear down quicker, but extreme temperature and element exposure will get all materials eventually. Just a single worn roller can bend the garage door track, making the door more likely to pop off.

Improper Alignment

In other cases, bracket bolts may come loose over time and with regular garage door use. Once these loose bolts throw the track out of alignment, the door can “jump” the track and lose its bearing.

Accidental Crashes

And finally, perhaps the most common cause of a garage door that falls off its tracks is an accident with a vehicle. Even a very slow-moving car can cause major damage to a garage door, including unbalancing the rollers or tracks. Some homeowners are too excited to get in or out of the garage, and run into it while it’s still opening or closing. This collision will often crumple panels while also removing the door from its tracks.

If your garage door falls off its tracks, call the pros at Price’s Guaranteed Doors for garage door repair right away.