Getting Your Garage Ready for Winter

Getting Your Garage Ready for Winter

Winter in many ways can be the hardest time for your home. With all the time you are spending indoors that will increase the pressure and wear on your water and heating system.

Additionally, the cold weather itself can do damage to your home and appliances. As a homeowner you will want to start getting your home ready for winter in advance by doing any regular maintenance before the cold weather hits.

The garage often one of the most overlooked parts of the home. But just like any other area in your home, it too should be winterized. Below are a few things you can do to get your garage ready for winter.

Apply Weather Stripping

Applying weather stripping to your garage door will help seal the garage against the cold air. This will also help in preventing energy loss from the warm air seeping outside.

Insulate Pipes

Pipes that are in uninsulated parts of your home are more at risk of freezing and busting. It is important to insulate the pipes that run through and around the garage area.

Drain Fuel

Drain the fuel from your lawnmower and any other machines you won’t be using in the winter. This will also help to keep the machines excellent shape. With this you will also want to make sure you move any liquids that are freezable inside.

Snow Blower

If you live in an area that sees a lot of snow in the winters, you will want to make sure that your snow blower is working before the first snow fall hits. If you don’t you may find yourself outside shoveling snow.

Keep Tools in Reach

If you keep your snow blower, shovel, salt, and de-icer within easy reach it will make the inconveniences of moving snow and salting walk a little more tolerable.

Winterizing and organizing your garage will help make your life a lot easier during the winter months. It will keep your house warmer and avert damage from pipes busting. And your tools for snow removal will be conveniently within reach, relieving some stress.