How a Properly Insulated Garage Door Benefits You

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How a Properly Insulated Garage Door Benefits You

insulated garage door benefits

Whether for our residential garage doors, commercial garage doors or even our canister vertical door options, one thing we take very seriously at Price’s Guaranteed Doors is material quality. We offer garage doors in wood, steel, fiberglass, aluminum and several other options, all of which are sourced from high-quality manufacturers and kept in pristine shape.

One additional material area you’ll do well to consider as a home or building owner: Garage door insulation. While some might think insulating the garage is only important during the winter months, this couldn’t be further from the truth. Let’s look at some of the benefits offered by insulated garage doors throughout the year, including a couple areas you may not have even considered in the past.

Temperature Control – On Both Sides of the Coin

The most common and well-known benefit of insulation, both within garage doors and other areas of a structure, is temperature control. Insulation stops hot or cold air from escaping a given area as easily as it might otherwise.

What does this mean for you? Well, several things potentially. During both the summer and winter, insulation in your garage will help your home or building retain cool or warm air, taking some of the stress of replacing lost air off your HVAC system and saving you money on your monthly utility bill. In addition, this lowered strain on components will make your system last longer, offering long-term savings as well. And finally, the area will simply be more comfortable to spend time in.

Noise Reduction

We mentioned areas you may not have considered previously, and this is one of them: Did you realize strong, robust garage door insulation will actually cancel out significant noise producers and make the space quieter? This is accomplished in two ways:

  • Opening and closing: Insulated garage doors are known to open and close much more quietly than those without insulation, allowing you to access the area even when others in the home are sleeping.
  • Outside noise: Insulation also blocks significant amounts of outside noise from entering both the garage or structure as a whole. This is especially valuable if the structure in question is near a busy road or another high-noise area.

Comfort Leads to Function

Finally, as we alluded to above, insulation makes the space in the garage more comfortable for people to spend time in. Whether this means it’s a more convenient area for storage and retrieval or spurs you toward a conversion to a home office or partial living space, the potential benefits here are vast – and are extremely affordable, as well.

To learn more about the benefits of insulated garage doors or your options for insulation, or for information on any of our garage door, entry door or window services, speak to the staff at Price’s Guaranteed Doors today.