Long Term Entry Door Maintenance Tips

Long Term Entry Door Maintenance Tips

Entry doors are the home’s barrier against outdoor elements like rain, wind and temperature, and they also deal with a large amount of strain during everyday life. At Price’s Guaranteed Doors, our entry doors are built to stand up to these elements and provide long-lasting support.

All doors, whether from us or another vendor, will eventually undergo some minor issues over a very long period of time. Even if this isn’t until years down the line after your purchase, it’s good to know a few basic maintenance items you can apply to common door issues. Here are a few basic tips to keep in mind.

Sticking Entry Door

If the door is sticking regularly when it opens, this could be something as simple as cleaning the hinges of any major debris or dirt. It may also involve cleaning the edges of the door, where other debris could have built up.

If this doesn’t work, look at the hinges themselves – are they attached properly, or do they potentially need adjusting? Finally, in some cases, adjusting the size of the door itself may be necessary – try sanding the edges first, and then consider larger renovations if this still doesn’t do the trick.

Squeaky Hinges

A door that squeaks when it’s opened and closed likely needs lubrication of the hinges, typically using silicone. Remove the pin and scrub it, along with the barrel and hinge leaves, with steel wool. Then coat a thin layer of silicone spray or a light penetrating oil to lubricate the hinge.


For steel doors, an auto filler can be used to fill dents – first you’ll have to sand the area until you see metal, and then apply the auto filler in layers until the door is smooth. From here, you can prime the area and paint it.

Air Leaks

If you notice a cold draft during winter months, your door may require a sealing upgrade. Check the caulk around the door, and replace any that’s damaged or cracking. Consider weather stripping if moisture leaks become an issue, as this will direct rain away from the bottom of the door.

For more information on entry door maintenance, or to find out about our services with security doors and garage doors, speak to the experts at Price’s Guaranteed Doors today.