Making Your Entry Door Solid and Secure

Making Your Entry Door Solid and Secure

Everyone wants the entry door to their home to look nice and present a good image to visitors, but the most important practical use of a front door is still safety. Doorways are an obvious entry point for burglars and other undesirables, and making sure they’re secure enough to keep you and your family protected is important.

At Price’s Guaranteed Doors, we’ve been serving Utah customers with top quality entry and garage door products since 1984. We know how vital security is to your home, and our staff is here to customize your doors to your liking without sacrificing one bit of that security. Here are a few general security tips for customizing your entry door.

Know Your Product

You’re looking for a solid product in your entry door, and generally trying to avoid hollow doors if security is a top priority. The simplest way for a criminal to get through your door is to break it down or kick it in, and a stronger product makes this tougher (or impossible) to do.

We customize our security door products at Price’s Guaranteed Doors, and we’d love to tell you about our range of products and how they might best serve your security needs.


The locks you use on your door can make a big difference, as well. A couple considerations to keep in mind here:

  • Deadbolt: If your door doesn’t already have a deadbolt lock, get one installed. Make sure the deadbolt has a metal strike plate reinforcement, and make sure there are no loose or exposed screws that someone could pull out.
  • Reinforce locks: Make sure you have cylinder guards around your locks to keep burglars from prying the locks off, and make sure strike plates for deadbolt locks are solid.


A common tactic of home invaders is knocking on the door of a home and then forcing their way in once it’s opened, but this can be avoided by installing peepholes – particularly wide-angle peepholes that allow you to see the entire space outside your door. You can see who is there, who they’re with and what they have with them.

Additional Security

In addition to these basic themes, a couple extra items go a long way to improving front door security. Keeping a light on outside the front door is a great way to dissuade burglars, and an alarm system helps service both doors and windows in the event they’re broken into. People with extreme security concerns might even look into cameras for their doorways.

Looking to learn more about security doors, or in need of any service on your entry door or garage door? Contact us at Price’s Guaranteed Doors today.