Preventing Burglar Access Through the Garage

Preventing Burglar Access Through the Garage

As one of the largest protective elements on a given home, your garage door is a big part of your house’s security. Unfortunately, though, garage doors have become a target for burglars when homeowners don’t take the proper safety precautions.

At Price’s Guaranteed Doors, we can help you avoid these kinds of situations. Here are some basic tips for the right kinds of precautions to take to prevent burglars from entering your home through the garage.

Entry Door as Front Door

You should treat your entry door between the garage door and your house exactly as you would your front door. You should never leave this door unlocked or open while you aren’t home, and it should be fortified with at least a deadbolt just like you would for primary entry doors.

Good Opener

At Price’s, we have several options when it comes to good, reliable garage door openers. Unlocked or unsecured systems are basically a written invitation for thieves – we’ll make sure your opener is right for your door size and weight. We also have monitoring systems that can easily be controlled using your smartphone, allowing you to know instantly if something is awry while you aren’t home.

Burglar-Proof It

All the materials we use for our garage doors are strong, and you can fortify yours even further using materials like fiberglass and other metals. We can help you select the right material here.

Repairs and Maintenance

Make sure you take regular care of your garage door, the door frame, and all other parts. Not only will this maintain the appearance and save you money, it will make sure the hardware is working properly at all times to protect you from intrusion.

Other Precautions

Here are some other basics to consider:

  • Close all garage windows
  • Don’t leave door opener remotes in vehicles parked in the driveway or on the street
  • Add a door-open alert to your home security system
  • Never leave emergency keys to the home in the garage
  • Lock your cars and remove all valuables, even when parking in the garage

For more on keeping your garage door secure, or to learn about any element of our garage door service, speak to the pros at Price’s Guaranteed Doors today.