Primary Parts of a Garage Door

Primary Parts of a Garage Door

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Doors and Sections

Most garage doors will come in a few distinct sections or panels, this so they can open properly. Garage doors may become dented on the inside or outside – this is most common on the inside after a car inadvertently runs into a closed door.


The hinges of a garage door connect the sections of the door, allowing it to bend while it opens. Hinges require regular lubrication, and can become problems if they receive too little of this and become broken or cracked.


Safety sensors will be located on either side of the door near the ground, and they’ll communicate directly with the opener. One sensor shoots out a thin laser, while the other receives this light. If something interrupts the laser and blocks it from reaching the receiving sensor, the garage will not be allowed to go down.

This has been a safety requirement in the US since 1992, required in any new door. If your door only goes down a few inches before rising back up, you could have an issue with misalignment or obstruction of your sensors.


There are tracks on either side of the door that lead up the ceiling, and these serve as guides for the door. Like hinges, they require regular lubrication. You should also keep them free of debris.


The torsion sprig above your door supplies power to lift the door, and it undergoes a lot of tension. If you ever have a broken garage door spring, do not attempt to fix it – let our professionals handle it, as these can be dangerous.


Garage door openers now have more safety features than ever, and can generally be controlled or monitored from a smartphone or even from your home computer.

Weather Sealing

Also called a bottom seal, this seal serves as protection from weather, a proper fit for the closed door, and a bumper for the door as it closes. Seals may become loose, brittle or may house pests if you don’t maintain it, so keep an eye out.

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