Reasons Why Your Garage Door Squeaks

Reasons Why Your Garage Door Squeaks

Garage doors can make strong vibrations as they open, causing a squeaky and disturbing sound. It may not bother you or your family during the day, but the noise could disturb everyone, including your neighbors, in the evening hours.

Here are some reasons why your garage door might be making that creepy squeaky sound that is driving everyone crazy.

Out of Alignment

If your garage door’s moving parts have become worn or were not installed correctly, this can cause misalignment and is one of the main reasons a garage door will squeak.

If not seamlessly aligned, the metal parts will rub against other metal parts and result in continuous squeaking. The solution to the problem is to have a garage door specialist realign the door.

Damaged Wheel and Rollers

If the garage door wheels are bent, warped, or dented, the door will go up and down in a lopsided direction and cause major metal-to-metal rubbing. Have a garage door company replace the damaged wheels and rollers.

Broken Track

If any part of the track is broken, cracked, or splintered, this will certainly cause it to make unpleasant noise. Depending on how bad the damage is, you can either have the track repaired or replaced.


Any type of debris or objects trapped and stuck in any part of the garage door will cause too much resistance for the door to go up and down smoothly and quietly.

Take a stiff-bristled broom to get the wedged-in debris out to stop the issue.

Chain Malfunction

Chains typically malfunction when they are either drooping, too tight, or one or more links are broken or gone. Have the chain checked out by a professional and if there is nothing wrong with it, but you believe the chain is the issue, solve it by applying some garage door grease along the chain and inside the track.

Rusted Nuts, Bolts, and Hinges

Use some lube or grease on any rusted or stuck nuts and bolts along any part of the frame, track, or chain. This will stop this common reason for a squeaking garage door.

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