Repair or Replace Windows?

At Price’s Guaranteed Doors, we’re proud to not only provide garage door and security door service, but also window installations as well. Our Win-Pro vinyl windows are perfect for many businesses and homes as well, with a number of different styles available.

As a home or business owner, how can you tell when it’s time to replace windows versus when simple repairs might suffice and make more sense? Here are a few common window situations, and what we’d recommend.

Broken Glass

One of the most common window issues, particularly with older glass windows, is glass cracking or breaking. This is often due to hail or some other kind of inclement weather. The big question in this case is usually whether to replace only the broken pane of glass, or the entire window.

Most of the time, it’s best to keep the original frame and just replace the glass – as long as the frame is in working condition, of course. If your frame is older, though, it could be good to replace the whole thing.

Broken Seal

Modern double-pane windows all come with an airtight seal for insulation and air flow. This seal can break, though, causing what’s called a blown window that may lead to condensation and moisture issues.

In these cases, it’s generally best to replace windows. You might be able to replace only the sash if the frame is in good shape. You may hear advertisements for de-fogging equipment that can “solve” these issues, but many customers have issues with these.

Drafty Windows

If you’ve noticed a draft coming in from the windows, the cause of it will dictate whether you need replacement or just a quick fix. In some cases, the latter is possible using just some caulk and weatherstripping.

In others, though, drafts are caused by rotting wood, a loose sash or older, single-pane glass. In these cases, installing new double-pan windows is the way to go.

Rotting Wood Frame

For homes with real wood windows, rot will be a risk over time and with any neglect. This can cause windows that don’t sit tightly in their frames (and resulting drafts), plus peeling paint in some cases. Many rot cases will be so severe that removing the glass and rebuilding the frame itself will make less sense than just replacing the window entirely. If you’re early enough, though, you might be able to patch some small rot with epoxy.

Operation Issues

As windows age, they can become tougher to open and close for a variety of reasons. If this is due to something simple like being painted shut or a small piece of faulty hardware, you can look to repairs. If the window itself is out of square or you can’t find the proper replacement parts, though, it could be time to replace the entire piece.

For more on replacing versus repairing windows, or to learn about any of our garage door, entry door or security door services, speak to the pros at Price’s Guaranteed Doors today.