Safety in Salt Lake City Garage Door Repair, Maintenance and Operation

Safety in Salt Lake City Garage Door Repair, Maintenance and Operation

Any Salt Lake City garage door repair company will tell you that proper use and maintenance is important if you wish to keep your garage door operating for decades to come. Hiring a technician to perform routine upkeep tasks at least every eight months is recommended. This ensures that costly repairs which result from constant negligence of minor problems are avoided.
Many injuries related to garage doors involve people unknowingly obstructing the path of the shutter that opens and closes. To avoid this mistake, stay away from the door when it’s moving. Better yet, keep your eyes peeled at the door until it’s fully closed or opened. This way, you could see if other members of your household are about to stumble upon the entrance, and act immediately to avert a disaster.

A rolling garage door in Utah should not be considered an opportunity to perform death-defying stunts. Never attempt to outrun it by passing under the entrance while it closes. The last thing you’d want to be is stuck under a closing garage door that could very well cut you in half.

Switches and push buttons must be out of children’s reach. Indeed, they could step on a ladder in spite of your efforts to install the control box at a secure location. However, at least, you have provided a simple barrier that could discourage children from trying to play with the garage door. Remember, it is not enough to drill into your kids that garage doors are tools and not toys. Constant supervision must be done when they are in the area.

Typically, two springs are strategically placed on both sides of the trailer to allow for smooth operation. Even if only one of them breaks, you must seek a professional to have the damaged spring fixed as soon as possible. A broken spring is enough to give you repair woes.

Continued operation of a door with one faulty spring may soon lead to the other spring malfunctioning as well. If it looks like both springs show irreversible damage, perhaps it’s time to have some parts replaced, including the shutters themselves.