Selecting the Right Windows

Selecting the Right Windows

Different Window Profiles

There are many design elements that go into the perfect home, and windows are especially vital for many people. Windows help complement a house’s style, or in many cases can be part of the basis for this style.

At Price’s Guaranteed Doors, we offer a wide selection of high-quality vinyl windows for your home or business. What are some of the basics you should be keeping in mind as you’re shopping our selection? Let’s take a look.


First and foremost, you need to decide which purpose your windows will serve. Are they ornamental, and meant for nothing but aesthetics? Or will they serve vital heating and warming functions in certain rooms? Assess which rooms need which elements, and whether light is essential in certain rooms.

Frame Accents

One of the biggest elements of window design is frame accents, or the color layering you’ll go with to contrast your window with its frames. There can be several important factors in these decisions, including everything from neighboring homes to surrounding plants and vegetation. Your own home’s style will play a big role as well. Many homeowners choose to stick with a house-wide theme, using the same trim colors found on entry doors and garage doors.


Another practical element involves ventilation. The primary purpose of a window is to let air in and out, after all, and you need to decide how much of this you need. For rooms that don’t need ventilation, you can consider fixed windows.

Interior Matching

The exterior look is usually your primary consideration design-wise, but how things look from the inside can be important as well. Look at rooms you want to accent with lots of light, and also consider things like outside views – you don’t want to position a bathroom window where people can easily see into private affairs, for instance.

Sun Considerations

Consider the orientation of the sun throughout the day when you’re considering windows. If you have a TV or computer in a certain room, you could run into issues with glare at certain times of the day. Considering the sun will also keep you from running up a bit cooling bill due to excess heat, and could even help lower your bill below standard levels if you organize tings correctly.

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