Steps for a Non-Closing Garage Door

Steps for a Non-Closing Garage Door

Many of us know the feeling: You get home after a long day, and see that the garage door you thought you closed when you left the house is sitting wide open. It turns out something is wrong, and the door won’t close.

This is exactly what the pros at Price’s Guaranteed Doors are here for, among other things. Our garage door service includes helping with pesky doors that are having issues opening or closing. You can be of assistance to – here are a few steps to take if your garage door won’t close.

Manual Closing

In some cases, a lack of closing will simple be due to a mechanical issue with a garage remote. Try manually holding the pressure plate on your indoor garage switch, and if that doesn’t work, see if you can use the hanging string to pull the door down manually. If it goes, your issue may have been with the remote. If it won’t, it could be a different issue.

Observe Signs

If you notice a light on the ceiling opener flashing as you hold the wall switch, this is a token sign that something is wrong there. Be on the lookout for this or any other visible signs of damage.

Check Sensors

Every garage will have two sensors that detect if anything is in the way of where the door would close. Check that no items are disrupting these beams of light, and also check to ensure that nothing bent either of the sensors and changed the angle of their light.

Use the Manual

If none of these tactics above solves the issue, get out the manual for the garage and follow any instructions in it for troubleshooting. There may be areas where the manual tells you to consult professionals – never proceed further if this is the case, as you could put yourself at risk. In these cases, always call our professionals right away.

Want to learn more about home tactics for finding the problem with an uncooperative garage door, or any of our other garage door repair services? Speak to the experts at Price’s Guaranteed Doors today.