Tactics for Improving Entry Door Security

Tactics for Improving Entry Door Security

improving entry door security

The entry door of any home has several distinct purposes, and security is chief among them. Keeping your home safe and secure involves a solid, strong entry door, as well as several other features throughout the home.

At Price’s Guaranteed Doors, not only do we offer a wide range of security doors that provide high levels of protection, we also provide expertise on increasing the security of any of our entry door types. What are some additional ways you can boost home security? Here are some basic tips.

Porch and Entryway Security

In many cases where potential home invaders like burglars attempt to enter a home, they do so disguised as delivery providers or other people who would normally be on your porch or entryway. For those looking to limit these risks, a few basic tips:

  • Lights and other features: Strongly consider lights, doorbell cameras and other modern security features that will help identify improper parties on your property. Certain alarm systems will even automatically alert authorities for you in some cases.
  • Screen doors: If you have an enclosed porch space, we highly recommend removing current screens and walls and replacing them with heavy-duty screen door and mesh options. There are many options that come with tamper-resistant screws to keep this entire area safe.

Strong Door Frame

For the best possible security, regardless of which door material you’re using, you should look to a steel frame for sturdiness and durability. Many other frame types can be kicked down by someone with enough strength, but steel frames can be attached to the structure in such a way that makes this very difficult. Especially if combined with locking bolts from a steel security door, entering this type of door frame by force will be virtually impossible.

Keyless Entry

If you’re worried about burglars or other invaders, know that these people often spend days or weeks scouting out their targets. If you keep a spare key to your home under a mat or in the garden somewhere, chances are they’ll see this and will know where to get the key, making entry easy.

One simple modern solution here: Consider keyless entry with a door pad and code entry system. You can simply memorize the code and enter the home without keys, completely eliminating the risk of a stolen or compromised key.

Door Locking

Finally, the simplest tip of all for keeping your entry door secure: Always lock it! Many people are simply too casual about this – by far the easiest way for an intruder to enter your home is through an unlocked door. Make a habit of locking the door every time you enter or exit the home.

For more on improving the security of any entry door type, or to learn about our security doors or any of our garage door repair services, speak to the staff at Price’s Guaranteed Doors today.