Techniques for Locating and Repairing Entry Door Air Leaks

Techniques for Locating and Repairing Entry Door Air Leaks

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At Price’s Guaranteed Doors, we’re proud to offer the highest-quality entry doors and exterior doors you can find in Utah. We stock industry-leading brands like Masonite, ODL and Thermatru, bringing you several door types, sidelight styles and numerous other options.

We’re also happy to provide expertise and tips when it comes to maintaining your entry and garage doors, tasks that play a big role in everything from home security to limiting your utility costs. One area that speaks particularly to the latter pursuit here, particularly this time of year with winter on the way, is ensuring doors are properly sealed from outside air – not only will this keep you more comfortable and extend the lifespan of the door and its components, it will save you money on your heating bill each month. Let’s look at some techniques you can use to determine if your door has a leak issue somewhere, plus some methods for repairing these leaks if they’re present.

Light Creeping

In many cases, the simplest sign that an entry door has a leak issue is the presence of visible light that creeps in around the edges of the door. This can be found incredibly simply – just turn off the lights and close the shades in the room to darken it during the daytime, then check to see if light is shining in. This test is best performed when the sun is directly facing the door. If your door is in an area that never faces the sun, use a flashlight and check from the opposite side (you may need a partner for this).

If you see even small amounts of light getting in through the cracks of the door, you have a leak issue. Even tiny such areas are constantly leaking air, which has to be replaced by your HVAC system at a higher cost to you.

Smoke Tactic

Another good test here is the smoke test, one that requires a basic incense stick or a similar item that gives off a small amount of smoke. Have someone stand inside a closed door, and move the stick around the outside of the door – if you see smoke being sucked out or blown in, check the location where this is happening for a leak.

Simple Feel

Finally, another common sign of a leak is simply you feeling colder or warmer air than expected inside a closed door. If this is the case and you can’t see a visible crack, move your hand around and note where the temperature imbalance seems to be coming from.

Sealing Methods and Products

There are numerous simple products you can purchase to repair a leaking door. These include a variety of weather strip materials, from brass and aluminum to vinyl or rubber, and also hard rubber channels that will help fill gaps at the bottom of a door. You can also use caulking material to fill in individual cracks or holes.

For more on identifying entry door leaks and repairing them to save yourself money, or to learn about any of our garage door repair or other services, speak to the staff at Price’s Guaranteed Doors today.