Tips on Choosing Entry Door Color

Tips on Choosing Entry Door Color

You may not have considered it, but items like entry doors and garage doors absolutely affect a given home’s resale value. One particular area within this realm that even fewer homeowners consider? The color scheme of the front door.

At Price’s Guaranteed Doors, we’re here to tell you just how large an impact this scheme can have on the curb appeal of your home – often a huge factor in resale value. There are a few important factors to consider when thinking about entry door color; here are some tips we can offer.

Emotions to Invoke

For starters, consider the general image you’re looking to get across and the emotions you want viewers to be steered toward. In general, brighter colors bring higher levels of energy while dark colors bring a more somber tone. If you want a more formal tone, look for neutral colors.

Inspired by Surroundings

Particularly when you have curb appeal in mind, emphasizing the surroundings of both the home and nearby nature can go a long way. Some people choose to match their door color with items like window shutters, while others might paint it a floral color to match with a garden pattern leading up to the entryway.

Consider Your Favorites

If you’ve seen front door styles and colors that you really enjoy in the past, consider incorporating some of these ideas. Curb appeal is often tied directly to these kinds of gut feelings, so if you get inspired, others might as well.

Pick Up Choices

When you’re still in the decision-making process here, don’t limit yourself – pick up lots of paint swatches in many different colors while you’re at the hardware store. Tape samples to the door and consider how they look; it’s best to try this at varying points during the day to see how the colors interact with various shadows and light. This is one of the best ways to actively narrow down your options and find the best choice.

For more on entry door colors, or to learn about any of our security doors or garage doors, speak to the pros at Price’s Guaranteed Doors today.