Types of Garage Doors Utah Homeowners Would Like

Types of Garage Doors Utah Homeowners Would Like

Garage doors protect a family’s vehicles and other prized possessions. They also bring additional beauty to a home’s façade. Their basic design largely originated from the enormous double doors on barns where carriage horses were kept. The types of garage doors Utah homes have are designed with durability and security in mind, using high-grade modern materials and a variety of finishes.

One of the most common garage door designs is the overhead flush panel. It consists of long and flat planks with an industrial and minimalist look. A flush panel garage door is quite sturdy in its make and is perfect for contemporary home designs, yet blends well with a variety of architectural styles.

Garage doors with long-raised panels are considered more decorative. These more closely resemble barn doors than flush panel garage doors. Like flush panel doors, long-raised garage doors open overhead, and can be fitted with mechanical door opening systems.

Meanwhile, short-raised panel garage doors have shorter and smaller raised panels, allowing the door to be divided into more sections than long-raised panel garage doors. Like their long-raised panel counterparts, short-raised panels may resemble the fancy double-doors of Victorian horse stables but generally open vertically instead of sideways. The smaller panels also help make Salt Lake City garage door repair much easier since there smaller and fewer parts to deal with.

Inspired by traditional fancy stable doors, garage doors are normally installed with window panels or lites on top. These window panels reduce the need for artificial lighting in daytime. Garage door lites or windowpanes are typically made of plastic and resemble frosted glass, giving the interior sufficient privacy while maximizing sunlight. In addition, garage door window lites can provide a stylish accent to any façade.
A lot of homeowners prefer the stylish and classic appearance of a wooden door, yet they would rather install a steel garage door that is sturdy and less likely to be damaged by rainwater, wind, or hail. For this reason, it’s quite common to see steel garage doors painted with faux wood grain finishes.

A typical Utah garage door made of steel may be single-layer, double-layer, or triple layer types. Single-layer doors consist of a single sheet of galvanized steel, while double-layer steel doors have a polystyrene or polyurethane panel behind the steel sheet to provide additional strength and soundproofing. Meanwhile, a triple-layer door is reinforced with an additional steel layer to protect the plastic panel beneath. You can rely on trusted contractors like Price’s Guaranteed Doors for your garage doors needs.


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