What to Look for in a New Garage Door

What to Look for in a New Garage Door

The garage door on your home is a functional item, but perhaps not one that you think about very much. When you need to replace it, though, most homeowners have no idea where to start and have questions about how to get a good value, what styles to consider, and more. If you are in the market for a new garage door, here are some things to consider when deciding on your purchase.

Check Out the Trends

You don’t have to follow the trends, but there might be more to the current popular garage door styles than just looks. Sometimes trends are popular because they offer great features, such as added safety and security, or long warranties. Before you go and buy just any garage door, first see what is new in the market since the last time you purchased this item for your home (which, if you’re like many homeowners, was decades ago—if you have ever purchased one).

Take Your Home Style Into Account

Your home has a certain look, and the garage doors can complement that look, detract from it, or blend in and go unnoticed. If you prefer the first option, you want to think about what makes your home unique, what kind of style it has, and then decide on a garage door that fits with the home. Today they come in rustic styles, contemporary styles, classic looks, and everything in between. This can help you focus your buying efforts in a very large field of possibilities.

Think About Climate

Different garage doors do better in different climates, so the type of door you want might also be determined by where you live. Aluminum doors, for example, are highly resistant to rusting and great for humid environments or those where the door is exposed to high levels of moisture. Steel doors come with options for insulation, making them a good choice for homes in colder or warmer areas. Wood and composite also have benefits for specific climates.

Consider Safety Features as Well

Finally, think about the safety features included in each garage door. If you live in an area prone to high winds or bad weather, you want it to withstand these elements. If you have small children, you want to make sure the features that trigger automatic re-open when someone or something is in the path are top-notch. There are also reinforcement systems, battery backups, and other benefits that can help you decide between brands.

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