Winter Garage Door Maintenance Tips

Winter Garage Door Maintenance Tips

winter garage maintenance tips

Winter is here, and for homeowners everywhere, that means it’s an important time of the year for certain areas of home maintenance. One such area is the garage door, and at Price’s Guaranteed Doors, we’re here to provide garage door service for commercial and residential garage doors.

What are some of the things you should be keeping track of with your garage as the weather gets colder and deep winter sets in? Here are some basic tips from our pros, who can also help with basic inspections and other related areas.

Eyes and Ears

The first step to winter garage maintenance is simply looking at and listening to the most important elements. Is everything running smoothly to your eye, or are there issues? If the garage door is shaking or making lots of noise while operating, you might want to take some time to clean out the tracks and add some lubricant to the metal. These kinds of basic fixes can prevent larger issues later on, when it might be tougher to get to these areas due to weather or moisture concerns.

Weather Stripping

Weather stripping is there to protect the door and home in severe conditions, but it won’t do as good of a job if it’s cracked or brittle. To ensure that cold and damp are kept out of your garage over the winter, consider replacing weather stripping, which can be found at most home improvement stores and is easy to install. Many do-it-yourself homeowners are able to install their own weather stripping with no hassle at all.

Rollers and Springs

Check for cracks, chips or stretching on garage door rollers and springs. If this is present, these will need to be replaced relatively soon. Springs can be dangerous, so don’t attempt DIY repairs here unless you’re specifically trained to do so. Otherwise, call our garage door repair experts first.


A basic construction level can tell you whether you have warping taking place on your tracks. If the level comes out uneven, this is a sign that you need to get the tracks repaired before your door breaks down and fails to open at an important time.


Finally, ensure you check your garage’s battery this time of year. Often, issues with the garage trace back to this simple area – and you don’t want to be standing out in sub-zero temperatures trying to figure that out when you could have addressed the issue earlier.

For more on fall garage door maintenance, or to find out about any of our other services, speak to the pros at Price’s Guaranteed Doors today.